Tuesday, June 22, 2010

One Month...

One month ago today( Well, yesterday now), I married the love of my life... I can't wait for what the future has in store for us :]

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

New Blog

So i had problems with my old blog working with my yahoo account, so i got the guts to re-do everything. Yuck. But now I'm hoping i wont ever have to do it again! New Blog!

New Home

So, Change of plans. No to Oklahoma, yes to Louisiana! Bryant has already left to go to Baton Rouge for work and I have stayed back for work myself. I haven't been doing anything really except for getting allergy shots EVRY DAY which leave me with really pretty bruises on the back of my arms. Anyway, I have to go up to Utah to watch an audition for company members for the studio I work for at the end of June. So after that I can reunite with my man friend. Bryant's description of our new home is, "sweaty nasty hot" Oh how perfect for my sweet frizzy hair. Can't wait!................ ugh.


The day finally came.. and Bryant and I are married! Holy the craziest process ever. It started with my mom coming up to Utah so many times a month to help find things for the wedding because i was still in school, (THANKS MOM) and it felt like it would never end. School ended really well an i can't wait to get my last year of school over with! Anyway, Bryant had to leave on the second, the day after our open house in utah to head o Kansas for work. Which sucked.. but it was fun to pick him up from the airport three days before the wedding. It made seeing him that much better. After moving everything out of my house in Provo, and taking it to Bryant's parents basement...and pulling a few muscles in the process... sorry mom. My mom and i were on our way to Vegas. We spent at least 3/4 of the next three weeks or so in the car running errands. Seriously.. it was awful. BUT.. definitely worth it. After picking Bryant up Wednesday night, we headed to the temple thursday night for me to take out my own endowments. It was so amazing to have family and Bryant there. I loved it. (Susan said now I'm a part of the club. Sweet :]) Friday was pretty relaxed. We had some finishing up to do on the lights and things but thats about it! I was so excited that night i am surprised i actually got some sleep! We woke up, got ready, and headed to the temple. On our way we got a phone call from my best friend, and maid of honor, Tiana's mom saying they cancelled Tiana's flight from New York and wouldn't be making it to the wedding. I absolutely had my cry, but just reminded myself that we were on our way to the temple to be sealed to each other forever and eternity... The session before couldn't have gone quick enough. I didn't start getting nervous until we got in there. Once it was done, Bryant and i talked to the sealer for a bit then he left to see if everything was ready. Those 5 minutes were the longest of my life!!!!! It was so amazing and i couldn't have asked for anything more. I am so grateful for my heavenly father and for blessing me with such and amazing family and an amazing husband. Husband. Husband. Husband..... Weird. The reception was stunning!!!! Thank you so much Marleah. I was so amazed by everything that was done! It was so beautiful and so fun. Thank you everyone who made it out. The day was Perfect. I still can't believe i am married. It hasn't sunk in yet... But I'm sure it will soon. I'll stop babbling for now and save the honeymoon for a different post :] MARRIED! Woo