Tuesday, August 17, 2010

we can see the light

After a long and hard summer, getting married, leaving, switching companies, and moving to Louisiana, we can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. We only have a few days left here and Baton Rouge, and Bryant and i couldn't be more excited. There are however a few things we will miss..

1. The sweet lightning/thunder/rain storms

2. BLUE BELL ICE CREAM.. Seriously.. It's the best
3. Abita root beer
4. Smooth skin
5. uh..
6... Well.

Thats about it. This wasn't our favorite place. Not at all actually. But i really have enjoyed spending so much time with my sister in law and her two sweet little boys and roasting marshmallows on the balcony, but its time to go home. I just cannot wait to get back to Utah and actually be able to sit outside at night in the COOL air and not get eaten alive by mosquitos. I'm sick of the freaking huge loud bugs the buzz on my window every night. Little jerks.
But... I really have enjoyed this time Bryant and i have had to spend together as newly weds. It was really refreshing to leave Utah and make plans for the upcoming years. Rufis is as sweet as ever. He is growing like a weed. A 3.3 lbs. weed. I'm glad we brought him to keep me company :]
On Saturday morning we start the trek back to Utah. We will pretty much be driving all day Saturday and all day Sunday to get back in time for me to be at work on Monday. It will be a long painful drive, but at least I have Bryant to make me laugh through the night. :D This adventure has been really fun, but i am ready for the chapter to end. Maybe even a couple pages ago... But either way! We are coming home to our new house that we haven't seen finished yet. Yay!!!!!!!! I will see you soon Utah... Until then...