Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Life in the B.R.

So, Baton rouge is a hot sweaty place. I am definitely ready to be home in the nice hot days, and cool nights of Utah. BUT! Until then i guess! We have been doing a lot of fun things lately, but of course i forgot my camera charger at home in Vegas so i cant upload any of them, or take new ones for that matter.
Anyway! These are a few fun things we have been doing here in Louisiana.

We went to New Orleans for the fireworks on the 4th. It was really fun, and was supposedly the number 7 firework show in the U.S. I don't know about THAT... But it was still really good :] Bryant held Riley, his nephew, on his shoulders the whole time and he was so excited! It was so cute.

Us being goons on the way to New Orleans. Bryant brother Nick rented a Mazda 5 while we are here in L.A. and bryant and i get the back seat (it looks like a mini, mini van) Reese's pieces are our new favorite treats for a bit :]
We went to a national park/swamp in Baton Rouge and it was so fun! i got eaten alive by bugs, but still.. I'm glad i didn't get eaten by the bugs i got pictures of.. Ick.
What the heck? This spider freaking sucks. gave me the heeby jeebies.
This one too!!! He was staring at me... along with his other family members on the web. By the way.. Bry took all of these pictures. No way would i get that close to those things.
My sweet husband looking at all the snazy plants in the swamp. Love him.
Hopefully i will be able to charge my camera soon so i can take more pictures! I would never want to live here, but we are having so much fun being newlyweds in this new place. We are loving being married and can't wait for whatever else this sweaty city brings us!!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Boredom= New Hobbies

So while Bryant goes to work in the afternoon through the wee hours of the night, I sit at our apartment or Bryant's brothers apartment with his wife( I guess my sister in law now? once removed? Who knows.)Sarah, and her two little boys to hang out. After the boys go to bed, we are always trying to think of things to do or make. She is so crafty. In Utah she makes the cutest cards for every occasion. She actually made my bridal shower announcements for Bryant's side of the family. Anyway, I am not crafty. I want to learn to be, so we have been looking up crafty crafts to complete. I'm thinking we are going to go with some fabric flowers. I'm actually really excited! Instead of wasting time on youtube and google, which i did, i should have known better to just look up crafty Mormon ladies blogs. Duh Audge. We found some really cute ones that dont seem to be too hard! I will have to take a trip to the fabric store tomorrow so we can begin. I can't wait!!!

P.S. Louisiana is really hot
P.P.S My hair however, is definitely not hot.