Monday, July 11, 2011

misty weather and good company

We saw this fun leaf on one of our walks..

I made it. I made it all the way to Hattiesburg, Mississippi. The drive here was seriously epic and i loved every bit of it. Besides the fact that it was almost 21 hours long of course... Josh and david are amazing my favorite part of the drive was around 1:30 in the morning/night (We left at four the morning) we were about an hour away from where Bryant is staying. I had just woken up, David was asleep still and were on the craaaazy road that decided to make itself into the indiana Jones ride at Disneyland. Josh quietly says, "please keep your hands and feet inside the vehicle at all times." I died. It may have been the excessive driving and third round on my 64oz. coke, but i almost peed my jammies. Anyway.. we got here safe and all is well.

We have done some pretty fun stuff so far and i have to say, this is much better than Louisiana. I know it isnt far away, but its just something about it. Maybe it's the lack of stench. I don't really miss the throw up and pee smell when i step outside. I just seems cheerier. Is that a word? The weather is muggy as usual and my hair is ridiculously heinous especially with my awkward_mid-length_process of being grown out_hair. We have been able to go to the beach, go on lots of walks, watch the amazing storms, have super late night dinners because we wait for the boys to get off of work, and watch every episode of glee Hulu+ has to offer.

It has been so great to be able to be with Bryant. I'm sad that i only have two weeks left here. Bryant will be back in Utah four weeks after that so not too long, but long enough. The sweet pups are enjoying life here in the miss. Broglie chases bugs like there's no tomorrow and Rufis just chills.

I love being here with family. Bryant's brother and his family are here as well, and they have two funny boys that i get to hang out with. This is one of my favorite things....

Life is good.

Monday, June 20, 2011

last week alone

Well, that's it! This Sunday was the last one for five weeks that i have to teach the oh so sweet sunbeams. Don't get me wrong, they are cute as can be. Let me just say I had a bad experience with a boy who couldn't hold his pee, and right before he decided this, he asked to sit on my lap. Yes, said little boy peed on me. I can do five weeks without that happening again.

This saturday I'm am starting my adventure down to Mississippi to see Bry. I'm driving to Denver to meet up with my brother and his friend then we are all driving to Hattiesburg, Mississippi! yes, DRIVING! It will be long, but oh so fun. I don't get to spend much time with my brother Josh so I'm excited for that. I'll be staying with Bry for 4 weeks total. Not long enough, but at least it's something!

I went over to my brother in-law's for Father's day dinner and spent some time with Bryant's side of the family. It was a super rainy day with is beautiful in my book. I love the rain especially when you get to see things like this
I miss being in Vegas with my family. Luckily they are able to come visit often, but still. I just feel like I'm missing all my nieces and nephews growing up.

Please excuse the sap.

I'll be better soon ;-)

I have a couple *a thousand* things to do before I leave saturday. Oil changed, tires rotated and balanced, clean my mess of a house, do laundry, pay the stupid health office at the school so the hold is removed and i can get my diploma(it sounds worse than it is) and prepare the pups crap to be gone for a month. Whatevs. Sorry for the boring post.. it is what it is ;]

Here is one of our fun trips

Thursday, June 16, 2011


Lots of things are new around here... Bryant has been in Mississippi since the first of May, and I'm still chilling in Utah working. We finally planned a trip for me to go visit soon for about a month so that's good news :) we got a new puppy! She is really sweet her name is Broglie (I know it's a little odd but we love it :]) she is a morkie like our Rufis and he is definitely glad to have a friend. He took a bit to warm up to her but now they are best of friends. Summer classes started up at The Pointe and I'm super excited about classes in the fall.
At first, graduating college seemed so lovely! And don't get me wrong, it is. But I am so stinking bored. I don't know what to do with myself. I sent a text to Bryant this morning telling him to guess what I had gotten done this morning... His response was "nothing". Awesome. Glad my husband thinks I'm lazy? I replied with, "no. I started the laundry, vacuumed upstairs, cleaned all the toilets, put the dishes away, weed wacked the grass(no we dont have a lawn mower for our patch o' grass) watered the grass, cleaned the junk out of my car, VACUUMED the inside of my car and washed the rugs in there." If you know me well, you know that doing that much to my car is out of the ordinary. He answered with a typical Bryant answer... "epic" he is my favorite. I love him so. Really though. I do. I hate being here by myself. I am so paranoid. And it doesn't help that one of my dogs barks at the tiniest sound. I'm a little jumpy :)
My amazing friend Sydney is getting married in September and I have had so much playing with her the last couple weeks. She is seriously stunning and I can't wait for her to join the club with her stud of a fiancé.
I started to get my crafty on again and decorate the rooms in the house that are a little bleak. My first project is our downstairs bathroom. I'll post pictures when it's done. It definitely gives me something fun to do! Hopefully Bry doesn't feel like he came back to a chicks house. Oh well!!! It will be cute!
All in all... My brain is scattered, missing my husband more than I can say, I'm all about law and order and house marathons in the morning, say yes to the dress in the afternoon, and food network at night. Thank you tv for being my bestie.


Thursday, March 17, 2011

Audrey and the Chocolate Factory

I have been so unbelievably bored today. It is our spring break this week and it has made me a little nervous about being out of school for good. Why you ask? There is NOTHING on T.V. Ask anyone. I am a television girl. Food Network, T.L.C., HGTV, Bio., A&E. I'm addicted. But today there was nothing for me. I'm hoping it was just an off day for my sweet T.V. because I don't know what i will do. (ok maybe that's a little dramatic, but you get it) So finally, I decided to give up on my beloved television, and pick a movie. I chose Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. It gave me the heebies the first time i watched it, but it's grown on me. It put me in the mood. The mood for chocolate. More than usual that is. So I decided to make the one thing I can eat every last bit of and not even care that my jeans may not fit in the morning.
Graham Cracker cookies with homegrown chocolate frosting in the middle.

I made my mom's recipe for Texas Sheet cake frosting. It is D-vine. Anyway... I enjoyed these while watching this creepy/amazing movie. Bryant left for a week with his work today... Craft/cooking/snacking/cleaning weekend for me!!

Screw jeans. I like sweats better anyway.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Ow Now Brown....House

I was so sick of our brown brown brown house, so i decided to do a project i saw at IKEA with my old roommate, Lexie last year. Bryant and i went to IKEA to find fabrics that worked, made FIVE trips to Home Depot, *No exaggeration* run to his parents house a couple times, and FINALLY finished this last weekend.

We started by cutting the wood into 12 in. pieces with the ends in 45 degree angles. Thank you handy husband.
Thank you Bryant for ALWAYS having his crack out and i couldn't get a picture of the blocks without it ha. Oh well.
I cut batting to fit each block
I cut the fabric to fit the square then stapled it tight to the wood
We put some wood on the back and screwed all of the squares in. this is the point where Bryant started cursing profanities. OH WELL! It is cute.
Final Product! It ended up being 3 feet by 4 feet. I love it so much i am hoping to make some pillows or something on our couch with the extra fabric. I am so ready for color!

-Bry Aud and Rufis

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Another Picture Overload. Christmas!

Bryant and I were able to go to Vegas to visit with my family this Christmas. He had work the first week of our Christmas break, but he joined me there on christmas eve. My sister in law Jen gave my parents a "grandkids" frame so we had planned on getting all of them together to take pictures... just try to tell me they aren't the sweetest things you have seen. IN YOUR LIFE.

This is Austin and Jess's sweet baby girl Chloe. I love you dark hair!
Sweet and Sassy Hazel wearing the cute dress nana made her.
These handsome fellas are my sister Jen and her husband Jeff's boys. Tylere is seriously the biggest stud. I can't believe how old he is getting. He is so fun and the ladies love him. On the Left we have smiley Dustin, and the right we have little man in a baby body Dylan.
So happy Dylan
Dustin Giggling at Tyler
I decided to see if Hazel would sit still long enough for me to paint her nails. (if you don't know.. I love love love painting nails) She did so well!!! My sister in law Jen said that after she went home she kept looking at them and saying "Oohhhhh Audie" She is the sweetest.
Sad sad Chloe and just a few of my chins.
This picture is from Thanksgiving, but i thought is was cute. She loved the snow.
My parents got everyone Christmas PJ's which i wear all the time here in Utah. Bryant keeps our house an ice box... He will sacrifice my frostbitten toes for a lower gas bill i suppose.
(look at those rosy cheeks. Yep. I love him)
Overall, Christmas in vegas was so so fun. Our first christmas as a married couple. I was so surprised at how much we spent! holy cow. I keep telling myself, we won't have to buy stockings, Christmas tree(we got a fake one..real ones make me sneeze) christmas lights, or ornaments! and MY sweet mom gave us some really cute decorations we used to put up in our house in Vegas. It makes me feel like a little bit of Vegas is still here with me in Utah. I love living with the love of my life and i can't wait for next Christmas!!! Merry Christmas Everyone!.... in 11 months.
-Bry, Aud, and Rufis

Saturday, January 22, 2011


So i know i am skipping some months, but i am starting from November and going from there. :] The past few months have been so crazy! Bryant has been in the automotive program at UVU, and i am finally in my last semester of my undergrad at UVU as well. I am seriously so stoked. I can't express it. We moved into our new home which we LOVE! (pictures to come) Rufis loves it i know it. My two new nephews were born in august and my sweet niece Chloe was born in December. It's times like this when i wish i still lived in Vegas so i could see them more. Aunt Audie misses them. Anyway, moving on to November's activities...

The kids threw my mom a surprise party for her 60th birthday. While i was calling and inviting people, one of her friends said it well... "Ohhhhh She is going to be so mad! I'm there." We weren't going to play any pranks or set up diapers or any of that crap so i knew she would get over it quick ;] My dad came up with the great idea to take her to St. George to play golf and stay the night so Bryant and i could drive down from utah and we would have time to set up while they were gone. It was so fun and I'm glad everyone could make it out!

What a guy. He is seriously my favorite. I've decided the candy that best suits him is a War Head. *my mouth is watering* he looks sour on the outside, but is so so loving and sweet. LOVE HIM.

Me and my Ma. Where did i get my squinty eyes? Ahh yes. Her... She is pretty.
My brother Jason, his wife Jen and little Hazel came to stay with us right after Thanksgiving. We had a lot of fun going to temple square, kneaders for some yummy breakfast, and played in a huge snow storm. It was the first time Hazel had been old enough to really see and play in the snow. She was fine...... until she touched it. Still adorable though.

All in all, this winter was so much fun and we are so glad to have a place where family and friends can come stay with us. Christmas post next! ..I hope.

-Bry and Aud... y Rufis

Sorry about my fingers in the video. It was so windy and wet! I didn't want to get my camera wet. Whatevs.