Monday, July 11, 2011

misty weather and good company

We saw this fun leaf on one of our walks..

I made it. I made it all the way to Hattiesburg, Mississippi. The drive here was seriously epic and i loved every bit of it. Besides the fact that it was almost 21 hours long of course... Josh and david are amazing my favorite part of the drive was around 1:30 in the morning/night (We left at four the morning) we were about an hour away from where Bryant is staying. I had just woken up, David was asleep still and were on the craaaazy road that decided to make itself into the indiana Jones ride at Disneyland. Josh quietly says, "please keep your hands and feet inside the vehicle at all times." I died. It may have been the excessive driving and third round on my 64oz. coke, but i almost peed my jammies. Anyway.. we got here safe and all is well.

We have done some pretty fun stuff so far and i have to say, this is much better than Louisiana. I know it isnt far away, but its just something about it. Maybe it's the lack of stench. I don't really miss the throw up and pee smell when i step outside. I just seems cheerier. Is that a word? The weather is muggy as usual and my hair is ridiculously heinous especially with my awkward_mid-length_process of being grown out_hair. We have been able to go to the beach, go on lots of walks, watch the amazing storms, have super late night dinners because we wait for the boys to get off of work, and watch every episode of glee Hulu+ has to offer.

It has been so great to be able to be with Bryant. I'm sad that i only have two weeks left here. Bryant will be back in Utah four weeks after that so not too long, but long enough. The sweet pups are enjoying life here in the miss. Broglie chases bugs like there's no tomorrow and Rufis just chills.

I love being here with family. Bryant's brother and his family are here as well, and they have two funny boys that i get to hang out with. This is one of my favorite things....

Life is good.

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