Saturday, January 22, 2011


So i know i am skipping some months, but i am starting from November and going from there. :] The past few months have been so crazy! Bryant has been in the automotive program at UVU, and i am finally in my last semester of my undergrad at UVU as well. I am seriously so stoked. I can't express it. We moved into our new home which we LOVE! (pictures to come) Rufis loves it i know it. My two new nephews were born in august and my sweet niece Chloe was born in December. It's times like this when i wish i still lived in Vegas so i could see them more. Aunt Audie misses them. Anyway, moving on to November's activities...

The kids threw my mom a surprise party for her 60th birthday. While i was calling and inviting people, one of her friends said it well... "Ohhhhh She is going to be so mad! I'm there." We weren't going to play any pranks or set up diapers or any of that crap so i knew she would get over it quick ;] My dad came up with the great idea to take her to St. George to play golf and stay the night so Bryant and i could drive down from utah and we would have time to set up while they were gone. It was so fun and I'm glad everyone could make it out!

What a guy. He is seriously my favorite. I've decided the candy that best suits him is a War Head. *my mouth is watering* he looks sour on the outside, but is so so loving and sweet. LOVE HIM.

Me and my Ma. Where did i get my squinty eyes? Ahh yes. Her... She is pretty.
My brother Jason, his wife Jen and little Hazel came to stay with us right after Thanksgiving. We had a lot of fun going to temple square, kneaders for some yummy breakfast, and played in a huge snow storm. It was the first time Hazel had been old enough to really see and play in the snow. She was fine...... until she touched it. Still adorable though.

All in all, this winter was so much fun and we are so glad to have a place where family and friends can come stay with us. Christmas post next! ..I hope.

-Bry and Aud... y Rufis

Sorry about my fingers in the video. It was so windy and wet! I didn't want to get my camera wet. Whatevs.

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