Thursday, January 27, 2011

Ow Now Brown....House

I was so sick of our brown brown brown house, so i decided to do a project i saw at IKEA with my old roommate, Lexie last year. Bryant and i went to IKEA to find fabrics that worked, made FIVE trips to Home Depot, *No exaggeration* run to his parents house a couple times, and FINALLY finished this last weekend.

We started by cutting the wood into 12 in. pieces with the ends in 45 degree angles. Thank you handy husband.
Thank you Bryant for ALWAYS having his crack out and i couldn't get a picture of the blocks without it ha. Oh well.
I cut batting to fit each block
I cut the fabric to fit the square then stapled it tight to the wood
We put some wood on the back and screwed all of the squares in. this is the point where Bryant started cursing profanities. OH WELL! It is cute.
Final Product! It ended up being 3 feet by 4 feet. I love it so much i am hoping to make some pillows or something on our couch with the extra fabric. I am so ready for color!

-Bry Aud and Rufis